Auckland’s Recladding Specialists

Resolution Projects Ltd provide high-quality exteriors to residents across North Shore and Auckland. Our highly qualified team of architects and builders work together to create beautiful architectural design plans and install cladding that will insulate and protect your home. Dedicated to securing your home from the elements, we provide quality building plans, house renovation, and recladding services to combat Auckland’s tough weather conditions and repair any existing damage to your North Shore property.

We offer assistance from the design phase through to the build. Whether you are requiring a repair or you are interested in a full renovation, Resolution Projects has a highly skilled team on hand to complete the task. We can update your exterior to a modern appearance or simply give it a slight facelift, renewing its faded look.

Recladding and House Designs for North Shore and beyond

We are recladding specialists able to service the entire North Shore and Auckland areas. A high-quality cladding will insulate your home and keep you protected from the elements. A failure in the system can lead to rotten timber framework and leakage, both of which can cause damage to your home.

Our services are designed to repair and replace any failing cladding systems on your home. A full exterior reclad is recommended to ensure complete coverage. It can be difficult to locate and detect leaks in areas that haven’t already caused visible issues.

Auckland’s Choice for Building Plans and Renovation

We are also able to help you with house designs and architectural design plans for your extensive renovation and building projects, such as adding a new room… Resolution Projects works with experienced, quality tradesmen from the broader North Shore and Auckland area, and also provide the skills of a designer and architect to complete the building work to produce an impressive result.

Free Assessment

Our team can advise you on recladding, renovation, building plans and more in terms of your house plans for your Auckland home. Contact us today and book a FREE ASSESSMENT OF YOUR HOME with Tom by emailing, send us a message or calling 0800 777 977.

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