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Clients often ask us whether it is better to reclad the whole house or just to fix an isolated problem. A full reclad is the best approach for complete weather tightness as it exposes all issues and allows us to completely resolve any moisture issues. This restores market confidence in the building’s ability to perform to the building code requirements.

A full recladding also offers you the opportunity to upgrade the exterior to current trends and complete any additions or changes that you need. Clients often go for a total facelift to modernise their Auckland home and to restore confidence in it once more. This is often the perfect opportunity to do those little things you have always wanted to do, while you have a team of builders on site.

How Much Does Recladding Cost?

There are a few things we need to establish when trying to determine the correct price for your project. One of our recladding specialists will visit you at your home to discuss your property in detail and provide an estimate for the project.

Some of the things we will look for when determining recladding costs include:

  • – The complexity of the project (size, level of difficulty, site access)
  • – How much damage requires repairs and the extent of these repairs
  • – Any alterations that have been requested (renovations to be made during the project)
  • – Any redecoration work that must be completed
  • – How much joinery needs to be installed

You can find rough price estimates for recladding costs in our FAQs page. To find out a more detailed quote for your Auckland home, contact us directly on 0800 777 977.

The Recladding Process

There are four standard steps which our specialists follow when completing each project. Although no two jobs are the same, the general steps involved are as follows:

  • 1. PROTECT YOUR HOME: We ensure your home is protected from the elements by wrapping it to keep the interior dry.
  • 2. REMOVE EXISTING CLADDING: We remove the old cladding and dispose of it off-site.
  • 3. INSPECT TIMBER FRAMING: Independent building consultants inspect for any damage/rot that has occurred to your structure.
  • 4. REPAIR & RECLADDING: Any rotten or damaged timber is removed and rebuilt. If there are any renovation or addition requests these will also be completed. Once the build is complete, our team will reclad the area.

To find out more about our processes or how much your project will cost, contact us on 0800 777 977.